Anytime you are working with a web development company, it is always important to ask the company for references and testimonials. This helps ensure that the company does quality work and that other companies will recommend them. Here at Intranet CRM, we are so proud of our reputation that we are placing these testimonials right on our website for all to see. Our clients love us and we are proud of that. Take a look at the positive feedback that some of these large online gaming website have given to us!

Testimonial From ComeOn

Intranet CRM has transformed our business. We started working with them when we were a small business and honestly, we were a bit hesitant about all of the promises they made. But they were right on the money. Thanks to their incredible website design, our business has exploded and we are making more money from the website than we could have ever imagined. I don’t know where we would be if not for this company. Thank you so much!

Testimonial From Casumo

Our website had a poor website design. Those who came looking to gamble were greeted with slow loading graphics and could not find the games that they were searching for. However, since we are not tech savvy, we did not know what was wrong. We meet with Intranet CRM and they instantly identified the problem and told us how they could fix it. Within a few weeks we had a completely new website. It was amazing how our traffic increased, along with our wallets, just by having this company make some changes to our site. We can’t recommend them enough to any online gaming site.

Testimonial From Leovegas

The online gaming business is booming right now. Unfortunately, this can make it hard to make a dent in the industry if you are just getting started. This was the situation our company was faced with a few years ago. We were new and had stiff competition from other websites that were more established. But Intranet CRM told us that with their help, they could help us steadily develop a great reputation and build up our clientele. And boy did they ever. Today we are one of the largest and most respected online gaming websites around and it is all thanks to the help of Intranet CRM.

Testimonail From BGO Casino

Our online gambling business had some special needs. We work odd hours and needed a company that did as well. Without that, we would not be able to communicate. Unfrotunately, many web development companies wanted us to change our hours around and work around their schedule. This just did not work for us. We came across Intranet CRM and they were willing to work with us, regardless of what our hours were. This just shows that they will go above and beyond for their clients and you don’t find this level of customer service anymore. We made a great decision working with this company and I hope you will as well.

Testimonial From Mr. Green

We had worked with a web development company who did not do the work they said they would. Unfortunately, this left us in a bind. We needed to get our website up and running and fast. Many web development companies simply could not take on the project due to the tight timeline. Intranet CRM said that they could make it happen and they did. They stood by their word, producing a great website that has allowed us to grow our business, even on the tightest of timelines. We appreciate all of their hard work and would not be where we are today without them.